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Welcome to Excelsimo Networks

Our Services

Excelsimo Networks Limited is a licensed Internet Service Provider, licensed by the Nigerian Communications Commission - NCC. We are a company with experience and deep technical skills in Broadband Internet Services Provision, Networks design, implementation and administration.

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Direct Internet Service

Excelsimo Internet Service is designed to provide businesses and homes with fast, reliable, secure, direct access to the Internet across Nigeria..

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Leased Circuit Networks

Does your organization have multiple offices in different locations? Do you have a need to bring all the Local Area Networks (LAN) of these branches/offices together to form one large corporate network?. If yes, we have the best solution for your need.

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Co-location services

Let us help you cut cost on IT infrastructure; by providing the most conducive environment to house your servers and other IT equipment at a fraction of the cost it would cost to setup your own data center.

Latest portfolio projects

Check our latest portfolio projects. Sure you'll find something interesting.

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