Leased Circuit Networks

IT budgets remain flat, yet organizations demand higher service levels for application availability in a 24/7 global economy. For this reason, organizations require a cost-effective, highly available, high speed Network/Internet access to their branches from their head offices. Network/Internet access that is fast, flexible, adaptable, and highly available.

Excelsimo Networks is fully equipped and ready to deploy first rate network services that will be customized to meet your requirements. With a second to none foot-print, we are able to deliver top rate services wherever and whenever, at speeds ranging from 2MBPS - 1GBPS.

Different establishments tolerate different levels of risk with regards to loss of data and potential downtime. Uptime is critical to the functioning of organizations, and any downtime means not just loss of revenue, but could mean a damaged reputation as well.

Pressures for economic efficiencies are causing IT managers to rethink expense duplication. Users expect reliable and predictable network performance, even as new applications are added to the network infrastructure. IT departments are expected to implement and manage this increasingly complex network infrastructure at a reasonable cost. With sophisticated networks and growing bandwidth demands, you need a network provider that will not necessitate your organization to duplicate costs in backups. Excelsimo Networks’ solution provides that edge as we come with our own backup at no extra cost to your organization.


  1. Bandwidth: 2MBPS – 1GBPS
  2. Access interfaces: E1, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet
  3. Dedicated bandwidth
  4. Very secure connection
  5. High reliability and availability (99.9% uptime)
  6. Fiber Optics Last-mile (multiple Fiber routes with Microwave backup)
  7. Very low latency (far better than VSAT networks)
  8. HQ – Branch– HQ Network Architecture

Value Proposition

  • A dedicated support service that will handle only your organization’s requests and issues
  • Integrated user-friendly online portal for monitoring network performance and availability
  • High reliability and availability (99.9% uptime)
  • Fiber Optics Last-mile (multiple Fiber routes with Microwave backup)
  • Very low latency (far better than VSAT networks)
  • HQ – Branch – HQ Network Architecture

Technical Diagram

Coverage Map