Direct Internet Service

Excelsimo Internet Service is designed to provide businesses and homes with fast, reliable, secure, direct access to the Internet across Nigeria. Our Internet access enables support for all applications that require real time Internet connectivity.


  1. Access interfaces: E1, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  2. Capacities: E1, DS3, STM-1, STM-4
  3. Access Network: Optical Fiber Last Mile connectivity or Microwave Radio Point-to-Point Last Mile Connectivity (Licensed Frequency-15/18/19/12/13/7/8/23Ghz)
  4. Routing: BGP-4 or static route with full routes or partial routes
  5. Architecture: Single global AS (AS327924)
  6. IP Address: /29 Public IP addresses (More available on request)

Features and Benefits

  1. National Coverage
  2. Guaranteed bandwidth availability 1 Mbps – Multi STMs
  3. Scalable Bandwidth & Billing options
  4. Multi Internet Submarine cable redundancy
  5. Round the clock Network availability with standard SLA
  6. First line service monitoring/support through customer portal